Project Milestones

JAC Project Highlights

We’re hitting project milestones as we go! These are some of the highlights of the work we’re done so far.

Fall/Winter 2022
Activity Development & Piloting #2

The JAC curriculum team finalizes activities based on the input from settlement sector agencies during the Design Jams. Activities are piloted at five different Anglophone and Francophone agencies across Ontario. 

Summer 2022
Design Jams

The JAC team meets with agencies across Ontario to co-create curriculum activities.

March 2022
First Roundtable

JAC convenes community leaders for a roundtable on the state of civic engagement in the settlement sector.

Year Two
Activity Development & Piloting #1

Working with settlement sector staff, the JAC curriculum team develops curriculum activities which are piloted with staff of two settlement agencies.

March 2021
Develop a Theory of Change

eNova, the project’s evaluation consultants, finalize JAC’s Theory of Change: outlining the ultimate vision for the project and the steps needed to get there.

Information-Gathering (Interviews, Focus Groups, Literature Review)

Project staff meet with settlement staff, immigrants, and refugees to learn about barriers to the state of civic engagement in their communities.

April 2020
Project Begins
Fall 2019
Early Conversations

Founding Partners (NYCH, OCASI, Toronto Metropolitan University) sketch out an early plan for Journeys to Active Citizenship.

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