Program Models

Welcome to our program models page! Here, you can access start-to-finish programs that are designed like mini-courses, offering a comprehensive learning experience. Each program is structured over five engaging sessions, allowing learners to delve deep into the subject matter and build a solid foundation of knowledge.

What sets our program models apart is the continuity they provide; the same group of learners attends every session, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment. 

We offer two specialized models tailored to specific needs and interests. Our Youth Active Citizenship program model engages young participants in a captivating photography project, encouraging them to reflect on what they love about their communities and envision positive changes. For adult refugees, our program supports them in navigating interactions with municipal governments, empowering them to integrate effectively and contribute positively to their new communities.

Join us in creating meaningful impact and building stronger, more inclusive communities together!

All Program Models

Adult Refugee Toolkit
A program which empowers adult refugees to understand and engage with local government for community impact.
Youth Active Citizenship Program
A photo essay project which supports youth in developing a sense of belonging and attachment to their communities. Working in groups, youth explore their communities, take photos, and create a themed photo essay.
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