About the Project

About JAC

Journeys to Active Citizenship is a unique collaborative project that’s co-designing curriculum and tools for civic engagement programs for —and with— immigrants and refugees. The 5-year project (2020-2025) fosters a more inclusive Canada by empowering newcomers to play a greater role in shaping communities.

North York Community House and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants have joined with immigrants and refugees, and the organizations that serve them, to:

  • Enhance the capacity of settlement and community organizations to deliver inclusive civic engagement programming for newcomers
  • Create opportunities for immigrants and refugees to use and further develop their civic skills, and to contribute their skills, knowledge, and experience
  • Build the skills, knowledge, confidence, and connections necessary for newcomers to play a strong, active, and influential role in civic life

To learn more about our partners and funder, please visit our Project Partners page.

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“Active Citizenship” for an Inclusive Democracy

We understand Active Citizenship as the practice of one’s rights, responsibilities, and participation in political or non-political activities concerned with shaping communities that people want to live in. Active Citizenship refers to a broad range of activities that pursue common goals and social benefits while upholding the values of a democratic society, and the principles of universal human rights and social justice.

Civic engagement creates stronger bonds of belonging; better policies and programs that impact all people in Canada; and a more inclusive Canada.

Ensuring that immigrants, refugees, and other migrants are included in our political and communal lives, and have a supported path to Active Citizenship, is essential for the functioning of an inclusive democracy, where all voices are heard.

Mariam's Story

Watch as Miriam tells her story about her settlement into Canadian society from Iraq. From feeling isolated and depressed, to using her existing skills to get involved in her community in order to overcome some of the challenges she faced as a newcomer. 

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