Journeys to Active Citizenship is a five-year collaborative project to build a more inclusive Canada where immigrants and refugees are empowered to play a greater role in shaping their communities.

Featured Activities

Build Skills
It’s easy to be swayed by misinformation and disinformation. Learn how to spot it and, more importantly, how to fight it.
Discover Self & Community
What makes you feel like you belong in your community? Through art and performance, explore what helps you feel safe & attached to your neighborhood.
Learn the Fundamentals
Empower your community with a deeper understanding of our society, gain ideas for engagement, & enhance confidence in seeking information from public institutions.
Take Action
Engage in advocacy, discovering societal concerns, and honing persuasive English letter-writing skills to communicate with elected representatives on important issues.

Program Models

Adult Refugee Toolkit
A program which empowers adult refugees to understand and engage with local government for community impact.
Youth Active Citizenship Program
A photo essay project which supports youth in developing a sense of belonging and attachment to their communities. Working in groups, youth explore their communities, take photos, and create a themed photo essay.

What’s Happening

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OCISO Lead Youth in "Our Community Through Our Lens"
Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization’s Ukrainian Youth Connect led the project’s Youth Active Citizenship program, Our Community Through Our Lens. We loved seeing the photo essays the youth created. To bring the program to your community, please reach out!
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Thunder Bay Multicultural Association Training for Youth
Jasmine and Tania met with Thunder Bay Multicultural Association staff to conduct a training for implementing the Youth Active Citizenship program. The training was productive and brought forth constructive conversations that highlighted skills that the facilitators brought to the program. We also discussed possible biases and stereotypes to be mindful of when implementing the program.
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